Babcock student, Yangy accused of r@ping 24 girls

Babcock University student, Godknows Adolphus Owhor popularly known as Yangy_adolph has been accused of r@ping 24 girls, this is why #YangyTheR@pist is trending on Twitter.

Godknows Adolphus Owhor was called out for r@ping several girls after his alleged victims shared their stories via the platform.

A Twitter user, @caramelangiee revealed details shared with her by one of his victims, she wrote;

A victim of r@pe sent this to my dm and I simply couldn’t ignore it, she exposed her r@pist as someone called “YAngy” (I don’t know his twitter handle) she said to warn others of him . So ladies beware of this guy he is a r@pist!

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