Nick Cordero Recovery From Coronavirus

Broadway star Nick Cordero is on the road to recovery and responding to simple commands, after spending a month in a coma amid his intense battle with Covid-19.

The Rock of Ages star was admitted to the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California at the beginning of April, and his health scare resulted in him having one of his legs amputated and a temporary pacemaker fitted due to an irregular heartbeat.

His wife, Amanda Kloots, has been updating fans on his progress on Instagram, and on Sunday – which was also Mother’s Day – she told fans the pair had FaceTimed, and there were “some really kind of great, positive little things” that came out of it.

“I asked him to look up and he did, and I asked him to look down and he did,” said the fitness guru. “And so that was a fantastic Mother’s Day gift to start my day off with, super positive and super, you know, just a great way to – I can’t even talk because I am excited about it but don’t wanna be too excited but I’m excited.

“So you guys, what this could mean is that it’s a start to possibly following commands, which would be huge! Huge, huge, huge, huge, huge,” she added.

Amanda, who shares young son Elvis with her husband, who she married in 2017, continued: “Again, super, super early and I may be jumping this gun but I got really excited about it because it did show – it seemed to show that he could hear me and follow a command.”

The happy news comes after Amanda previously expressed her hope Nick’s condition would improve in time for the nationwide holiday, as she said earlier in the week: “Mother’s Day is Sunday, maybe he’ll wake up for me and for his mom, what a gift. Honestly, just such wonderful news to hear.”

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