Premier League to lose Much Money If Season Is Not Completed (See How Much)

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has warned the league faces losing at least £1bn if the season is not completed.

In a letter in reply to MP and DCMS chair Julian Knight – who had called for a windfall tax on clubs that cut the pay of non-playing staff without reducing that of players – Masters said clubs could go out of business if such a levy was imposed .

“You will appreciate like much of the productive economy in the UK we are losing revenue at an unprecedented level,” Masters wrote.

“We face a £1bn loss, at least, if we fail to complete season 2019/20, and further losses going forward if the seriousness of the pandemic deepens and extends into the future.

“This would negatively impact not only the finances of the 20 Premier League clubs but would also have a significant detrimental effect across the whole professional landscape.”

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